Data Processing, Print & Mail Services

All clients who utilize this turnkey solution enjoy the benefits of outsourcing their high-volume document production and fulfillment. Most organizations cannot make efficient use of postal software and mail inserting equipment as these costs are spread over too few documents. By outsourcing to InfoSend you free your organization from performing CASS updates, complying with the latest USPS regulations, and eliminate the need for the expensive maintenance contracts for mail insertion equipment and meter bases.

InfoSend provides CASS processing, digital presorting, and Delivery Point Validation regardless of input file type. This is unique in our industry, as many print and mail service providers cannot provide these functions if the client exports the documents in PDF format. All addresses are put through CASS certified address validation. This adds the 4-digit extension to the Zip Code, creates the USPS OneCode Intelligent Mail Barcode, and digitally presorts the addresses. Batches containing at least 500 bar-coded mail pieces are digitally presorted and delivered to the USPS at the lowest possible rate.

Workflow Summary
  • Your data is processed, address validated, presorted, printed, put through Quality Control prior to being released to the mailing department.
  • InfoSend's free online Message Manager lets you schedule and edit messages using the InfoSend website.
    Click here for a walkthrough of the Message Manager.
  • Printed documents are never taken directly to the mailing department. They always go through a quality control and staging process where batches are prioritized based on mailing deadline, individual documents are spot checked for print quality, and any multiple page documents that will be inserted by hand are separated from the bulk pieces. Custom quality control rules can be created in the system that require an operator to check for specific data fields, form types, etc.
  • Documents are folded, inserted, and mailed per the turnaround time (SLA) in your service agreement. Most document types receive a next business day turnaround.
  • Online job tracking and detailed reports make it easy to monitor and audit the process.
  • The image below is a visual depiction of the process flow.
Print & Mail Work Flow

Document Types

BillPrint & Mail
Billing documents such as statements, invoices, and notices are great candidates for outsourcing. Billing documents make up the majority of InfoSend's production volume.
  • Bills are either printed in grayscale onto color preprinted forms or using a 2-color laser process that supports black plus a standard shade of blue, red, or green
  • InfoSend can print billing "inserts" for you. InfoSend can print these documents in grayscale or full color.
  • Distinct bill types can be uploaded and managed by different departments at your organization. For example some of our municipal clients have different departments manage the utility bills, late notices, and commercial billing invoices.

Ad Print & Mail
  • Printing and mailing of marketing letters, postcards, and inserts.
  • Full color printing postcards with variable data and images. UV Coating available
  • Black or full color printing of variable data letters.
  • Offline Inserts – traditional inserts are printed offline and then inserted with your bills. Up to 5 offline inserts can be included with your bills. Offline inserts can be digitally printed in grayscale or full color, or offset printed in full color.
  • Inline Inserts – if your organization often includes static inserts with your bills InfoSend can convert them to Inline Inserts. An automated process is set up to selectively print your inserts immediately after each bill is printed. This increases your ability to target specific customer types and provide one-to-one messaging. Inline Insert printing is usually grayscale or 2-color.

Direct Communications
  • Non-recurring document types that directly communicate information to your customers.
  • One-time print and mail projects. Document tabbing available.
  • Examples are customer rate change notices or any other important notices that must be sent separately from your bills or other regular mailings.
  • Expedited projects are possible if you have an emergency and must send out a notification on short notice.

Production Information
  • Redundant data centers and facilities provide you with a level of disaster recovery and avoidance that most organizations can't economically maintain on their own.
  • High-speed production laser printers print at a minimum of 600 DPI.
  • High-volume production equipment ranging from black-only to full color.
  • InfoSend operates a Xerox iGen 4 EXP printer, in addition to other digital color presses. The iGen 4 EXP is the premier full color digital press available on the market today.
  • High-speed and reliable production mail inserters
  • A 2D barcode is added to your documents and used with intelligent mail inserting equipment. This equipment folds and inserts documents using "mail piece integrity" software to prevent inserting errors such as double stuffing.  The barcodes are read before and after the documents are inserted into the envelopes to ensure proper sequencing and handling.
  • Intelligent or "Selective" Inserting is available, which allows you to selectively target inserts, flyers, or newsletters to specific mail pieces. Intelligent Inserting will also allow you to exclude a #9 return envelope for all customers participating in an automatic payment program (ACH).

Job Tracking
  • This free account management tool allows you to monitor the status of all files you transmit to InfoSend for processing. It is available to both Print & Mail and eBusiness clients and is especially helpful if you use both services as you can set document messages, review proofs, and track job progress using one web portal.
  • Allows your staff to log onto to view the progress and completion of your print or electronic bill files. Confirmation reports are accessible from the job tracker for easy access. Check off the "Viewed" checkbox after auditing the completion time of a finished batch.
  • InfoSend can provide PDF samples of your documents before they are printed or loaded to the eBusiness system.
    Click here to view a quick demo of the sample approval process.

Optional Exception Processing
  • Exception Processing is an optional service that allows you to approve, cancel, or hold individual bills based on predetermined criteria. You may choose to flag exception bills within the data, or InfoSend can build the custom exception rules on your behalf.
  • Example: All bills with dollar amounts over $500,000, or less than $5.00, could be posted to the InfoSend website for individual approval.
Click here to visit the Exception Processing page