BillPrint & Mail Service

InfoSend is a full billing services provider (BSP). Billing documents such as statements, invoices, and notices are great candidates for outsourcing. Billing documents make up the majority of InfoSend's production volume. InfoSend can provide bill design services as part of your Data Processing, Print & Mail solution implementation.

Bills are either printed in grayscale onto color preprinted forms or using a 2-color laser process that supports black plus a standard shade of blue, red, or green.

Distinct bill types can be uploaded and managed by different departments at your organization. For example some of our municipal clients have different departments manage the utility bills, late notices, and commercial billing invoices.

Paper Stock Options

InfoSendStatement samples A variety of cut-sheet paper stock options are available. Any bill that requires a tear-off remittance stub will include a micro perforation for a clean and smooth edge (lockbox compatible). Bill stock options include plain white, in-stock color preprinted with a standard change of address form on the back, or custom color preprinted with custom logos and backers (minimum order quantities apply).

green servicesRecycled 30% post-consumer paper stock is available.


Letter.jpg You will receive the lowest possible envelope price by using InfoSend's standard double window #10 and single window #9 envelopes. We order millions of these each month and pass the savings on to you. Envelopes contain security film and tint. They are compatible with the bulk letter opening machines used by your remittance processing department or lockbox vendor. Your name and logo will appear through the #10 outgoing envelope. Sustainably sourced and recycled 30% post-consumer paper stocks are available. go green

Examples of bills that InfoSend helped design are linked to below:

Quality Control

search InfoSend's Quality Control (QC) is one of the company's most unique internal programs.  Printed documents are always put through a QC process before being released to the mailing department. Each QC operator checks for print quality and follows on-screen prompts that are specific to the client. Each individual mailing application can have its own set of items to check.

Data Processing

Data processing is an included component in the BillPrint & Mail solution. If you have not already viewed the Data Processing pages click here to start. The Data Processing section contains information related to the no-cost and optional tools and features that relate to the BillPrint and Mail service. This includes Job Tracking, Exception Processing, and various archiving options.