Partner Solutions

InfoSend works with key partners to provide unique solutions that utilize the strengths of each partner. Our cooperative partnerships serve to provide InfoSend clients with benefits that compliment existing InfoSend solutions.  Each partner has been thoroughly evaluated and tested in conjunction with InfoSend's offerings.

Partner Solutions Overview
Cash Payments – PayNearMe
Payment Processing
Check Processing

Cash Payments

InfoSend, in conjunction with PayNearMe as its partner, is offering an alternative cash payment channel to benefit billers with a high percentage of cash-based customers.  The InfoSend/PayNearMe partnership enables InfoSend's clients to have a PayNearMe barcode printed directly on their bills. There is no payment collection fee. Click here to learn more about this solution.

Payment Processing

InfoSend's system initiates payments to banks and payment processors. Our applications are already integrated with multiple payment processors, saving you the time and risk associated with integrating your own applications with online payment processing systems. By outsourcing all of your electronic payment applications you avoid storing and initiating credit/debit card payments, and therefore avoid the PCI liability associated with this.

InfoSend will review your payment needs and suggest a payment processing partner. We have processing options for the traditional absorbed model where your organization pays the credit card interchange fees and for the convenience fee model where the interchange fee is absorbed by the processor and a convenience fee is charged to your customer. By utilizing one of InfoSend's existing payment processing partners you will avoid the time and cost associated with a new system integration. InfoSend is also integrated with several banks and one payment gateway that has integrations with multiple banks and back-end processors. Requests to integrate with a new bank or payment processor are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and depend on factors such as cost and security. Our sales department will educate you on your options and provide consulting on how to optimize customer options and minimize your processing costs.

Integrated Voice Response

Integrated Voice Response (IVR) is a service that utilizes telephone channels for incoming payments.  The IVR service can be purchased as an optional addition to the Online BillPay or QuickPay products. This service provides billers with a way to automate inbound balance inquiries and telephone payment calls.

InfoSend partners with the premier providers of Interactive Voice Response services in the utility and health care industries.

Check Processing

InfoSend has partnered with Bank Up Corporation to bring best of breed Lockbox remittance processing in addition to Remote Deposit Capture and e-check solutions to our clients. Bank Up offers a hosted Lockbox solution that is cost effective for clients of all sizes and also offers a PC/Scanner based in-house solution for those wishing to process checks and remittance coupons internally.